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face recognition technology

The last decade has seen a drastic revolution in technology. From basic communication to lifestyle, almost everything has been heavily impacted by a wave of technology.

Thumb impression has been used for authority, validation, and identification purposes lately. The idea of face recognition is not new, as well. Reports suggest that face recognition was used by Woody Bledsoe in the 1960’s for the first time to recognize the human face using computers. It took a relatively long time to evolve as the idea of facial recognition is complex and involves privacy issues.

However, facial recognition has become a major technology trend for quite some time. The use of this technology has been increased a lot in different sectors and industries. Before moving on to the integration of face recognition and mobile apps, let’s have a basic understanding of what a facial recognition system is and how does it work.

What is a Facial Recognition System?

Face recognition technology recognizes a human face by using biometrics to map facial features from a stored photograph or video. As soon as the system detects a face, it compares the face with a database of stored information to find a match. Facial recognition systems can be integrated into mobile apps and security systems at entrances and checkout to help verify personal identity. A significant concern in the facial recognition system is privacy issues for participants.

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Facial recognition systems work in the same way but sometimes slightly vary. Typically, a picture of the face is stored using a photo or video. Then the facial recognition system reads the face by analyzing its geometry and focal points.  Key factors include the distance between forehead to chin and eyes. The key distinguishing features help recognize facial signatures.

Facial signature is a mathematical formula that is compared to a database of faces in the system. As soon as the face is determined, the face is matched with the image in a facial recognition system.

face recognition system
facial recognition technology

Integration Of Face Recognition in the Mobile App

The facial recognition system has so many applications in today’s world. Popular applications can be seen in check-ins and checkouts at organizations, security logins, smartphone security, and mobile apps.  The technology is thriving every day and is integrated with AR, AI, and deep machine learning to strengthen its capabilities.  Today, we can see facial recognition used widely in many areas. Particularly, it is taking an edge in security concerns and areas. Therefore, it’s making great progress in the mobile app development sector, and many top mobile app development companies in Dallas have started involving face recognition technology in the latest projects.

How Facebook Uses the Face Recognition Feature?

Facebook started using this technology in the automatic photo tagging. Initially, Facebook started recognizing faces in images and ask for the tag. The idea made some people scared at the beginning, but as soon as people get more aware of face recognition and how this technology works, they accept this change and start using it.

Facebook Face recognition work by comparing the face to the stored image in their database and determine the face as an individual on Facebook. However, Facebook enables its user to choose whether to allow Facebook to recognize them in photos and videos or not. So, it hopefully does not breach the security of users.  

face recognition technology and Facebook
Facebook uses face recognition technology. credits:

Popular Departments Using Facial Recognition Technology

Government Sectors and Airports

When a camera records people’s faces, a face recognition system can be installed to monitor people who come and leave. The airport security system can use this technology to identify people involved in crimes and catch them at the airport before leaving or entering another state. Facial recognition has proved to help institutions arrest criminals trying to cross borders.

Smartphone Manufacturing Companies

Apple introduced facial recognition technology to its users on iPhone X to unlock the phone. Face check enables users to fast unlock the device and make sure that the right person is trying to access the phone. This feature also enhances security, and mobile phone manufacturing companies are making the most of this by integrating it into the phone’s system.

Social Media Companies

Just like Facebook face recognition system, other social media companies uses face recognition for miscellaneous features. Instagram and Snapchat offer different filters that integrate face recognition feature to apply filters on the face. Facebook typically recognizes faces with 98% accuracy. If the user approves tag permission, it creates a link to the people’s profiles who are in the photo.

Entrances and Authorized Area

Businesses can use facial recognition system at entrances and sensitive places to enhance security. It ensures accuracy in monitoring and security checks.


Retailers can also use this technology by combining security cameras and facial recognition system to scan the faces of people visiting the shop. It helps retailers identifying suspicious people and potential muggers. Moreover, they can integrate face login feature in their mobile app to make the process faster and more secure. Face scans can be used to login shoppers id and make faster and secure payments. It also helps in minimizing wait in checkout lines.

Offices and Institutions

Facial recognition check-ins can be installed in offices and educational institutes to make attendance and improved accuracy. It can also reduce scams and false logins that are possible in the card swapping and manual attendance system.

Benefits and Future Scope

As we learned that face recognition technology has remarkable applications, and this technology is progressing at a great pace. Technology has been in the software development industry since the 1960’s. However, this technology has been facing challenges since its very beginning. People are reluctant to embrace this technology in their daily lives as they fear security and privacy. On the contrary, experts claim it is an advanced way that enhances security.

Despite all the assumptions and rumors, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that face recognition technology is revolutionizing the mobile app development industry in so many ways. Thus, we can surely see a bright future within a few years.

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