Businesses Can Rebuild Themselves in a Post-COVID World

Rebuilding Business After COVID

Coronavirus has jolted the world, bringing everything to a standstill. However, the world cannot remain in a state of stagnation. Which is why this pandemic has forced businesses, organizations, and various sectors to come up with alternative solutions to keep the wheel turning.

Luckily, all the technological advancements are coming in handy for several industries. While other businesses are tapping into the prowess of tech to create better opportunities for themselves.

If we look at the current situation at hand, we see a mass shifting to the online world. Which is understandable considering the given situation with physical businesses being completely shut down. This also solidifies the much-discussed need for having smart cities. Having said this, the consumers are also adjusting to their complete dependency on technologies that largely include mobile and web apps.

Thriving Businesses Amid Pandemic

If we could look at the two most lucrative online businesses that are thriving amid the pandemic, are:

  • Mobile Apps: Although the crisis has affected the IT sector, the mobile app development landscape is greener than ever. Mobile app spending for instance was already expected to double by the year 2024. In addition, Amid COVID forecast suggests the mobile app downloads to reach a whopping 183.7Billion.

This is a lot and goes to show how businesses can invest in mobile app solutions for their businesses and rake massive ROIs.

  • eCommerce: eCommerce was already taking off and now with COVID halting all brick and mortar stores, the eCommerce marketplace has become a goldmine. Businesses can start investing in their digital store by contacting a custom web app development company that would create a mobile responsive web app for you.

According to the Quantum Metric report, the online sales spiked 52% since the pandemic outbreak. As for online shoppers, they have increased by 8.8%.

With this being said, organizations that are practicing remote working or WFH (work from home) can also make use of workflow management tools specifically designed for current scenarios.

All in all, the world of technology is definitely observing a breakthrough with innovations to battle COVID in the best ways possible. Let’s take the smallest of example; Snapchat introduced Snapchat Lens to measure 6 feet in real-time through camera app to help individuals maintain the required social distance. Small, yes, but meaningful.

A Paradigm Shift

As discussed above, the world is re-evaluating its lifestyle and how it can keep itself moving without potentially harming itself by getting exposed to the virus. So, if we could narrow down sector-wise, there is a great opportunity in the below mention areas:

  • Food: This includes the home-delivery ecosystem that is more in demand than ever. Moreover, it includes fresh groceries (grocery delivery apps), beverages, and cooking appliances even.
  • Entertainment: Gaming industry, small business promotions, online content, and more.
  • Education: Virtual classrooms, educational apps
  • Healthcare and Health Technology: Smart hospitals, on-demand doctor booking apps, telemedicine, self-diagnosing medical devices, and such.
  • Service Industry: Contact-less systems, high-tech enhanced delivery services.
  • Office dynamics: Now that COVID-19 has shown the majority of organizations how WFH (work from home) setting can work for them which reduced office cost by a large margin. Again, technology plays an integral role in this. However, there is still a need for well-developed remote work systems that would help organizations to productively streamline their work.

COVID-19 has shaken the foundations of the global economy and the current forecast entails that the novel virus might stay around for a few years to come. As much alarming and frustrating this sounds, the world is still moving forward and technology is the main driver taking it to newer and safer heights.

Mobile and Web Applications – The Way Forward

One thing that is for sure is businesses have great opportunities in the realm of mobile and web applications. For reasons that are obvious. The world is dependent on these solutions, even more so now than pre-COVID.

Moreover, businesses that have taken a hit because of the virus and didn’t shift online in time can re-build themselves ground-up with a minimum investment in the form of an app or a web app. The complete digital set-up will help them slowly regain their space within their respective market.

The post-COVID world will get back to normal but it will never be the same. Now, that everyone is having the taste of convenience the technology has brought them in their homes; the consumer behavior will remain as such. Hence, businesses that are hoping to regain some ground and revenue after COVID can do so through a user-friendly mobile app or web app.

The idea of a physical set-up, work-stations, one-on-one meetings isn’t required at this stage. The pandemic proved to us all how much of the operations can easily be handled remotely with the help of the right tools, software, and collaborations. As for businesses investing in mobile or web app development, already have the entire operations on digital; from working with a team of developers to marketing teams, everything can be carried out remotely and at a low cost.

Bottom Line?

Businesses after COVID have a great chance of survival or revival with the help of the right technology. You only need to find the right partner that would take your idea and convert it into an amazing software solution and provide after-services as well.

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