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Benefits of eCommerce Application

During last two decades, online retailing and digital marketing has revolutionized e-commerce. Since the evolution began to expose its scope and virtues, entrepreneurs and business investors collaborating to get most out of it futuristic values. To observe and analyze why steadily it has become a talk of the trade, it is important to take a quick look at e-commerce progress summary and ROI. So, for a quick overview, this year U.S. Commerce Department report that in 2014 about $304.91 billion dollars were spent online in e-commerce. However, latest stats show that in past months, 96% of Americans have avail online retail services in their entire life and about 80% of total purchases done all alone by Americans.
Above mention stats declares how inconspicuous transactions may seem over e-commerce platforms but the return of investments indicates how massively it has generated revenue. Besides availing the income stream from e-commerce, it is important to study factors that what has taken e-commerce to its optimal level. Among many supporting factors that have almost threatened traditional shopping mall is E-commerce mobile Application. It is one of the central reasons for boosting its graph which is why we have gathered benefits of having e-commerce mobile applications to understand its radical impact over online retailing and business.

Mobile Apps vs Webs

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A Recent study shows that about 60% of businesses are now booming through their personalized e-commerce mobile apps. This certainly brings to a quick question that how apps can perform better than webs? Here, a mobile application meant to practice enhancing user experience. For instance, stats show that about 52% smartphone users use e-banking which means if a bank has the web to present and display all that it has to offer visitors, a mobile application would simplify the process and reduces efforts to use any banking services, hence this drive your business to further extent.

Notification – That Matters
In this ‘short attention span’ generation, getting noticed is becoming more expensive day by day. Mobile Apps are proving themselves as a smart investment by helping users to never miss anything special from their preferred retailers. Push notification allows users to stay updated with current happenings at your place. Be it a discount, update, news or any information notify your users with this app feature. This feature is also embedded in webs that only notify to desktop users. However, using this feature during occasions and trends can give an extra tied to your income stream.

Mobile Application Stores

E-commerce iphone app
If only iPhone users can spend $240 million a day and set January 1, 2017, as the busiest day of this year for Apple, imagine how highly potential audience an App store or Play store has. Having an e-commerce Android app, or any app gives the business an exposure of millions of visitors who visit mobile app stores each day. To avail fullest of your e-commerce application is it important to develop in hands of professionals that can build and design it according to the latest trends and techniques.

App Verticals has developed tremendous e-commerce android apps and e-commerce iOS apps that are now booming into their own pace. If you are looking forward to have an app your business get the quick quote or consultation from our experienced consultants to avail the best out of business app.

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