3 iOS App Development Tips from ‘Million Times’ Downloaded Apps

3 iOS App Development Tips from ‘Million Times’ Downloaded Apps

As long as you have money to invest is it all what makes an App successful? Of course not. There are a hundred examples of an iOS mobile app that failed even after millions of investment in development. Not because the ideas were flopped but to many factors, people neglect while developing an iOS app.


Today, we are sharing three tips from most popular mobile apps (mostly business apps) that are not only successful but also ideal to know what mobile app market is expecting. Although, an app alone is not always the factor of business downfall, marketing, planning, development, research and strategy ultimately works together for the app success.

So, if you are looking forward to some tips that not only enable to comprehend the strategy but also define what made this iOS app remarkable then continue reading:

MyFitnessPal: Don’t Skip Features

MyFitnessPal is one of the most admired fitness apps that counts the 75millions of total downloads. This app guides and helps in maintaining your weight efficiently. It also keeps track of health activities and relief users from calculating calories of the meal all the time as this app give you fantastic feature to type your food, and it automates the intake of calories per day itself.


With a lot of some features, it is okay to help your audience with excessive features. However, the tip to make it feasible attractive and user-friendly is to keep the menu approachable to thumb with most frequently used controls. The most lovable feature is the plus sign that helps to monitor another task such as water, food and quick status update to your app. So instead of skipping elements find best ways to balance the menu or leave it on your professional iOS development team to handle it efficiently.


Domino’s Pizza: Experience Matters

We all have at least one expert chef in our homes, but there is one master chef in all of us. With easy add-on ingredients, Dominos kept working to the core of what we all desire to do with pizzas, i.e. customised and have it as quickly as possible.


Developing iOS app has to be fluid and flexible with the needs. Regardless how easy this app seems but the audience expect it to be flexible enough to complete the task rather just hang on to main features such as order placement and check out that eliminates the experience yet demands to do the job more efficiently.

Just Eat: Keep It Simple

The most user interface that are complex interrupt users to understand the primary purpose of the app. Just Eat 85millions download indicates, no matter how complicated the mobile app idea may seem, assembling the features with a simple, easy-to-navigate and process flow help boost conversion and allow new users to use the app quickly. Therefore, cluttering the app with the excessive issue is not what flops the application. Remember that the App Store audience is precise about the functionality and how user-friendly it is to perform with a sleek layout.

just eat app

If you are looking forward to a team that helps you settle not only the flow but also the iOS app development and design than do take our expect consultation or get a quick proposal for your mobile app.

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